Computer Network Administration



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This course is intended to equip trainees with the necessary knowledge and fundamental practical skills required in computer network design implementation and administration.

The foundation course in network administration will be offered in 3-months and includes theoretical classes and practical sessions.

The program will comprise of foundational training on network design and administration, with extensive lab work, routing, security analysis, and implementation.


Minimum Requirements: Degree/Diploma/Certificate in ICT related course

Total Fee Payable: Kshs 30,000/-

Duration: This is a 3-month foundation course

Training Modules

What you will learn

  1. Introduction to computer networks
  2. Computer network devices
  3. Network transmission media
  4. Network software
  5. Network security
  6. Resources sharing
  7. Network protocols
  8. Bandwidth management
  9. Network design tools
Career Opportunities

Where one can fit in the job market

Network Administration Assistant


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  • Why did Cytonn Group diversify into Education?

    Education fits into the Cytonn Group’s Overall Strategy and the diversification into education is essential for Cytonn because:

    1. To provide the education facilities component of our comprehensive mixed-use developments,
    2. To enable our investors access the attractive education sector given recent deals in education
    3. To develop entrepreneurial technical talent for two of the presidents “big four” agenda in affordable housing and manufacturing, with top graduates in building programs guaranteed jobs in our various projects
    4. It is an opportunity to further diversify our revenue streams from financial services and real estate.
  • Do you have hostels for student accommodation?

    Hostels are available for students in need of accommodation. Students are encouraged to visit the respective hostel before paying for accommodation.

  • Can I find a job while still studying?

    Apprenticeship (work – study program) is highly encouraged at Cytonn College. Students not only learn in class but are given a chance to practice what they learn at actual work places within and without Nairobi. Students who find permanent jobs while studying with us are encouraged to switch to a friendlier mode of study, say, joining evening or weekend classes.

  • What career options do I have after finishing college?

    Cytonn College ensures that all students are taught innovation and entrepreneurship in order to be job creators and not just seekers. Kindly look at the career opportunities available under each course or better still, talk to the head of the respective department.

  • Which application documents must I submit?

    The main documents an applicant needs to have are:

    1. Application forms duly filled
    2. Original and Copy of your KCSE Certificate/Results slip
    3. National ID
    4. 2 Passport size photograph.

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