Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management



Creating Sharp Minds

This program helps students develop the ability to anticipate customer demand, identify target markets and communicate effectively with them. Students explore areas such as customer behavior and psychology, business management, human resources and culture, as well as how consumers' use of various forms of the media impacts on marketing.

Minimum Requirements: KCSE C- or Certificate in Sales and Marketing

Duration: 3 years (9 terms)

Tuition Fees: Ksh. 21,900 per term

Career Opportunities

Where one can fit in the job market

  • Market researcher

  • Advertising planner

  • Advertising art director

  • Advertising account executive


You have questions; we have answers

  • What is CCIE?

    CCIE stands for Cytonn College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, an initiative of Cytonn Education Services

  • What career options do I have after finishing college?

    Cytonn College ensures that all students are taught innovation and entrepreneurship in order to be job creators and not just seekers. Kindly look at the career opportunities available under each course or better still, talk to the head of the respective department.

  • Can I work while studying for my diploma?

    Cytonn College provides different modes of learning to carter for different cadres. Students already working full time can choose to study in the evening or on weekends.

  • What modes of study do you offer?

    The college offers normal classes during the week, evening and weekend classes.

  • What is the College differentiating factor?
    1. The College will focus on developing graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit, through a compulsory Entrepreneurship Course that will see students get both practical and technical knowledge on how to start and run a business
    2. Top graduates in technical areas such as plumbing, electrical and masonry will be guaranteed jobs in Cytonn’s real estate projects

Providing exceptional learning experiences for individual and societal transformation.

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