Software Development


We are offering an industry-oriented Software Development course to Form 4 leavers and recent graduates. This training is run by experienced software engineers and is geared towards giving students practical hands-on experience in developing enterprise software using a number of programming languages.

The course will consist of:

  1. Important foundational training on how to write high-quality code, which delivers high-performance software
  2. Practical training and projects to give the students exposure to industry software practice and standards
  3. Guidance by practicing and experienced software engineers, and exposure to real-live projects to work on

Training Modules:

  1. Software development theory
  2. Code based exercises
  3. Modern front-end development
  4. Practical projects and immersion into real Cytonn projects
Students will benefit from practical skills that will place them at a significant advantage in the job market. 
Internship & Job Opportunities for Top Student.

Total Fee Payable: Kshs 45,000/-

Duration: This is a 3-month foundation course

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Minimum Requirements

- At least a C Plain in KCSE

- Bring your own laptop, with the following specs: Core i5, 4 GB RAM, Ubuntu Linux installed

Mode of Study

Full time

Career Opportunities

Systems  Analyst

Software Developer

Software Support Engineer

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