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The Cytonn College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers diploma and certificate courses, with a focus on entrepreneurship and technology. Our courses are designed to equip our students with technical, entrepreneurial and soft skills that will ensure their suitability for the opportunities in the job market and provide them with the skills and knowledge that will enable them build and run businesses.

Department of Computer Sciences
The Computer Sciences Department is mandated to identify, review, propose and ensure implementation of ICT courses which reflect the new trends in ICT sector.
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Department of Hospitality and Tourism
The Department of Hospitality and Tourism offers courses that are geared towards equipping students with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the hospitality and tourism industry.
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Department of Business and Accounting
The department is committed to provision of quality and practical education with an aim to produce quality graduates who are able to fully participate in the development of finance, accounting and business management practices.
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Department of Journalism and Mass Communications
The department offers specialized professional training in mass media communication hence preparing successful graduates for work in print and mass media, radio and television production as well as digital broadcasting.
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Department of Cosmetology
The department offers courses designed for individuals who enjoy practical learning and working with people.
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Department of Engineering, Building and Civil Technology
This department aims at delivering professionals who are well equipped with the relevant skills and knowhow in engineering, building and civil technology.
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Providing exceptional learning experiences for individual and societal transformation.

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